Hi! I’m Mokus and I welcome everyone on my new site! I hope you all like it and everyone is going to be satisfied with it. Updates about tours and other events could be expected about monthly. We added a new shop menu to the site. There you can find a few stuff now but there is going to be even more later on. As for riding the small ones are doing all right and we managed to complete the set-ups of the new 600 model. So this year you can see me riding the two big ones and the three small ones. Our machine stock has been extended with a „small” red van which will be neatly decorated pretty soon. Concerning updating I’m not going to be the only one who is going to come up with ideas but the admin may also write in here. Unfortunately, I can’t always get round to sit in front of the computer so please wait for the replies patiently. And…have fun!

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